Status: Available

Author Richard Bussmann

Complete Middle Egyptian: A New Method for Understanding Hieroglyphs: Reading Texts in Context
Designed for complete beginners, and tested for years with real learners, Complete Middle Egyptian offers a bridge from the textbook to the real world, enabling you to learn the grammar, access inscriptions in documents and monuments and even teaching you how to draw hieroglyphs yourself.

Structured around key artefacts and introducing both the original hieroglyphs and transliteration (for easier understanding) this course also features:

-16 learning units plus pronunciation section, grammar reference, sign list overview and sign list explanation
-Stepped progression – clearly graduated progress through different levels of the language
-Authentic materials – language taught through key artefacts and texts
-Teaches the key skills – reading and understanding hieroglyphs
-Culture insights – learn about the culture, society and politics in ancient Egypt
-Self tests and learning activities – see and track your own progress

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