Lecturer: Sarah GriffithsCurator of the Manchester Egyptology Society

Date & Time : Saturday 17th February 2024 @ 4:15pm

Synopsis : The Middle Kingdom, seen as Egypt’s classical period for art, history and literature, began with the rise of a warrior king who reunified Egypt, re-established the country’s prosperity and international standing, and whose stunning mortuary temple became the template on which the great temples of the New Kingdom were based. Sarah Griffiths explores the reign and legacy of a pharaoh revered by later kings: Nebhepetre Mentuhotep II of the 11th  Dynasty.

Location: Cooper Art Gallery

Tickets – please email – Tickets.HapySociety@gmail.com or pop into to Cooper Gallery gift shop

Cost: £15 Non-Members / £14 Members

cost includes a buffet after the lecture with tea and coffee

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