What an impressive collection and thoughtful presentation of ancient Egyptian artefacts!
During our visit, Ian Trumble, the Curator for Archaeology, Egyptology and World Cultures at Bolton Museum took the group around the exhibition on an impressive tour through history.

We learned about the close connection between Bolton and excavations in Egypt in the 19th and 20th centuries, saw documents and pictures from previous curators and their involvement in establishing a memorable collection of artefacts and textiles in Bolton. We heard of modern local connections and a few mysteries along the way as well as the role of Annie Barlow, who has been called “Bolton’s Indiana Jones”

The recently upgraded space on the 1st floor allowed room to display an impressive and detailed replica of the tomb of Thutmosis III along with a well preserved mummy (not of Thutmosis III!)  which has attracted the attention of some famous Egyptologists and researchers across the UK.

It has long been known that Bolton holds a huge collection of ancient Egyptian textiles in Europe – probably the largest collection in the world outside Egypt. Altogether the museum holds more than 12,000 artefacts connected to Ancient Egypt, putting it in the “Premier League” of local authority Egyptian collections.  
The group from the Hapy Egyptology Society based in Yorkshire enjoyed the personal tour very much, especially because Ian Trumble pointed out some amazing and mysterious connections to specific well preserved and presented artefacts in the museum.

After our lunch break the group was taken on a tour ‘behind the scenes’ and could have a glimpse into the storage facility and some impressive items stored there awaiting restoration or a chance to be displayed in future exhibitions.

All in all, an amazing experience for everyone in the group and a massive thank you to Ian Trumble for his precious time, vast knowledge, great enthusiasm and passion for bringing the objects to live.
Another thank you goes to Andrew Ward, the Head of the Hapy Society in Yorkshire for organising this experience and giving people the opportunity to see the amazing exhibition together as a group.

Overall a Great day out!! Wonderful tour of the Egyptian section by curator Ian Trumble, providing amazing context to the item on display, the links they have to Bolton and its famous benefactors, what an amazing collection of artifacts Bolton have. There reconstruction of a burial tombs is fantastic and has a rolling video explaining the whole burial process!

It was great to see so many school trips, guiding potential future Egyptologists around in wonderment.

Definitely worth a visit, but set aside at least 1/2 a day as you will be enthralled.

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  1. Fabulous day out with like minded friends. Ian Trumble is a great guy and so engaging.
    Days like this are one of my favourite benefits of membership.

  2. What an experience at Bolton Museum! Ian Trumble’s enthusiasm and dedication to make Ancient Egypt come to life can be seen and felt throughout the whole exhibition, within the choice of artefacts, the layout, the combination of more recent developments within Bolton Museum and the connection to ancient times. While the group visited the museum, we saw many school groups and other visitors around – a very popular place.

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