Lecturer: Dr Robert Loynes Honorary Lecturer At Manchester University’s KNH Centre

Date & Time : Saturday 31st August 2024 @ 4:15pm

Synopsis: In his lecture Dr Loynes will review the ways in which CAT scans and other research methods have been used to reveal the medical issues which faced Ancient Egyptians. Using many images from his research, he will explain what can and can’t be revealed by using CAT scans, and he will explore several of the many conditions which were part of everyday life in Ancient Egypt.  As a retired surgeon and a research Egyptologist, Dr Loynes is in a unique position to give an authoritative view on this fascinating subject and to open an evidence-based window on the lives of those who were so determined to preserve their mortal remains

Location: Cooper Art Gallery

Tickets – please email – Tickets.HapySociety@gmail.com or pop into to Cooper Gallery gift shop

Cost: £15 Non-Members / £14 Members

cost includes a buffet after the lecture with tea and coffee

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