Lecturer: Dr Robert Loynes Honorary Lecturer At Manchester University’s KNH Centre

Date & Time : Saturday 31st August 2024 @ 4:15pm

Synopsis: Dr Robert Loynes obtained a PhD in Egyptology from The University of Manchester in 2014, after retiring from a career as an orthopaedic surgeon when he was awarded an MBE. Since then he has been involved in continuous research programmes using medical imaging and, in particular, CT scans to analyse mummification techniques and reveal pathology within ancient Egyptian mummies from sources including Egypt, Moscow, Italy, the USA and the UK. A regular speaker on the subject of mummification at international conferences, he also speaks to Egyptology societies in the UK and abroad and is in the process of compiling a metadata base of mummy CT scans to enable a more robust discourse on mummification techniques throughout the eras of Egyptian history.

Location: Cooper Art Gallery

Tickets – please email – Tickets.HapySociety@gmail.com or pop into to Cooper Gallery gift shop

Cost: £15 Non-Members / £14 Members

cost includes a buffet after the lecture with tea and coffee

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