45 – Pyramid Vista

The bent pyramid, the red pyramid and the black pyramid at Dahshur. The Red Pyramid was the first successful smooth pyramid

44 – Hot and Dusty

The intrepid band who made it to the burial chamber of Mastaba ………. How did our guide manage to keep clean?!

43 – Robbers’ Hammer

The red granite sarcophagus, the earliest granite sarcophagus in Egypt. The hammer, crushed under the lid is said to have been left by the tomb robbers!

42 – Bats!

Bats in the burial chamber of mastaba 17. Notice the quality of the masonry. This was almost certainly a royal tomb.

41 – Robbers’ Tunnel

Entering the burial chamber of mastaba 17 by means of the “robbers’ tunnel”. Quite a squeeze.

40 – Inside

Inside the burial chamber of the “False Pyramid”.

39 – The “False Pyramid”

The “False Pyramid” at the Meidum necropolis. The first attempt to build a “smooth pyramid”. Probably started to collapse during construction, then falling apart in the New Kingdom.

38 – Mentuhotep II

Statue of Mentuhotep II, founder of the Middle Kingdom, found by Howard Carter at Deir Ell Bahri. (Cairo Museum)

37 – Rahotep and Nofret

The famous statues of Rahotep, (probably son of Sneferu) and his wife Nofret. Found in his mastaba tomb at Meidum. It is interesting that they are carved the same size (Cairo Museum)

36 – Pharaoh Kafre

Kafre, pharaoh who built the second largest pyramid at Giza. Notice how the Horus falcon is sculpted to become the nemes headdress of the Pharaoh. (Cairo Museum)